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  1. I’m really upset by boewsrr sniffing… It’s sad to see how mobile developers are making Websites aiming only for the top used boewsrrs. Actually they’re aiming solely on WebKit, while Opera is also very used and all the other boewsrrs cited are able to run the Website fine. :/I hate the previous version(s) and searched for alternatives since day 1. I ended up discovering Dabr, Tuitwit and Tweete are the best ones as they offer much more features than Twitter’s official client.I see how they made DMs and hashtags worse. I’m sure there’s space there to put a DM button!And you can’t click hashtags, incomprehensible… Aren’t you able to click usernames/links too? In the screens they don’t look hyperlinked.It seems that you have to click an empty space on the tweet to have the options to reply, RT, favorite, etc, is it?

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